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Service Dogs for Veterans

Dogs are one of the greatest gifts humankind has ever been given. They are kindhearted and sweet creatures who have the remarkable ability to help with certain disabilities and disorders. In general, well-trained dogs are obedient and loyal pups with a lot of love to give, but when they are specifically trained in trauma resiliency and other types of programs that render them capable of providing service for people with certain types of issues, the pups become beacons of light in a world of darkness. One of the most impactful training areas for service dogs has been PTSD-related, particularly for veterans suffering from this all-too-common condition.

PTSD Dogs: Trained to Care

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder rates have skyrocketed in recent years, with many veterans suffering from the disorder due to their combat experiences. Veterans are not the only people who experience PTSD, but they do make up the majority of people diagnosed with the disorder. PTSD comes with many different types of symptoms, like depression and nightmares, and a lot of these symptoms result in debilitating circumstances for the sufferers. Social anxiety is an especially formidable symptom of PTSD, and it can have a significant impact on someone’s ability to function normally within society. Service Dogs for PTSD get trained to sense anxiety levels as well as nightmares and depressive episodes, enabling them to interfere with the body’s response to triggers. These dogs are huge influences for recovering veterans who have a great deal of trouble with their day to day lives, and many veterans recover more successfully thanks to the service dogs.

Service Dogs For Veterans

A PTSD dog might not seem like a necessary recovery solution, especially for veterans whose PTSD is not as externally apparent. The fact of the matter is, PTSD will be recurrent and lifelong if left untreated, and it can impact your life in more negative ways the longer you ignore it. Service dogs for veterans are specially trained to combat the symptoms of PTSD that are more prominent in servicemen. This specification is an excellent commodity because it allows many veterans to overcome some of their symptoms without the use of medication or other therapies that they dislike. Veterans suffering from PTSD deserve to get better, and they deserve the best of care. Service dogs have been proven to be dramatically impactful in people’s recovery from PTSD, especially when administered alongside traditional individual therapy.

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